Museum Of No Art

We have only recently discovered the stunning work of Museum Of No Art. Her self titled 2020 EP is a refreshing and original take on contemporary electronica. The New EP ‘One Night At The Pool’ is a subtler but no less rewarding journey. Highly recommended!


The Wind Will Carry Us

Abbas Kiarostami’s The Wind Will Carry Us’ 1999 is a balm for our current times. Currently available on Mubi along with many other fine films!

Interval training

A mediaeval manuscript that provides interval training exercises for musicians! Credit: Musical Notation Is Beautiful.

Ulla – Limitless Frame

Ulla – Limitless Frame “Being somewhere, while being somewhere else, A place I look for in other places, A moment on repeat, I made this music as a way to hug myself” A beautiful new record from one of our favourite artists at Air Forest. Ulla Straus has made a series of important records over the last couple of years. beautifully crafted worlds for the listener to inhabit. Innovative and original music and highly recommended!


Interaction Of Color

Some beautiful different versions of ‘Interaction Of Color’ by Josef Albers posted on the Albers Foundation website. Each version specific to it’s cultural context. An essential read if you have never come across it before!


The Air Forest playlist has been reinvigorated with a fresh selection of tracks! 2021 has turned out to be an amazing year for new music so far. Featuring work from: Hendrik Weber, Omma, Green-House, Ki-Oni & Jonny Nash. Image: the beautiful new record from J Foerster / N Kramer – Habitat.