Nihon Indigo

Nihon Indigo is a beautiful compilation of Japanese Enka music from the 40s and 50s. Perfect for those rainy days and nights at home. This music emanates warmth and beauty much like the classic western jazz recordings of this time. It was released on cassette in 2011 via The Trilogy Tapes. Hopefully, it gets a vinyl reissue at some point! Highly recommended.


Tengger – Nomad

The transcendent sounds of Tengger’s new album Nomad are a welcome relief in these current times. A beautifully crafted album that takes the listener on an amazing journey. Highly recommended!


Urban Planning – Okada Takuro + Duenn

Enjoying the brilliant new album ‘Urban Planning’ from Okada Takuro + Duenn. A well-crafted selection of environmental music. Takuro + Duenn reference the Kanyoko Onagu movement of the 80’s, in particular, the work of Yukio Fujimoto and Hiroshi Yoshimura. It’s a fresh contemporary take on this movement that resonates profoundly in today’s environment. Highly recommended.

New Here Music

SPACIOUSNESS – Music Without Horizons

‘Spaciousness’ is the first volume in a series of releases that seeks to explore the connections, the overlaps, the roots and the future of a music variously referred to as ambient, deep listening, new age and even post classical. Further to this our aim – in association with Strange Attractor Press – is to explore the concept of ‘Spaciousness’ not just through music but also through writing, still and moving image and through live events. Featuring Abul Mogard, Matthew David, Private Agenda, Cathy Luca, MJ Lallo, Jon Tye & Ulrich Schnauss, India Jordan, Blackwater, Susumu Yokota, Laraaji & Seahawkes, Andras, Teleplasmiste, Yamaneko and Carlos Nino & lasos.